VALTICS Value-as-a-Service Solutions

Provider Rapid ROI Edition

  • For B2B field sales organizations and channel partners that need to quickly present the ROI of solutions to their customers.

Provider Value Selling Edition

  • For B2B pre-sales, marketing, service and solution architects, which need to present complete business cases to assist customers in the justification of their solutions, using pre-configured value creation templates.

Enterprise Value Edition

  • For enterprises that need their teams to consistently and rapidly construct any business case, by searching thousands of possible KPI-based outcomes with pre-quantified economic benefits.

Ultimate Value Edition

  • For organizations that need a guarantee that all the necessary benefits – with the means of economic quantification and metrics – are always available for all projects and initiatives considered by the enterprise.

Reasons for adopting VALTICS

  • Faster identification of benefits

  • Easily find pre-built benefits’ formulas

  • Understand how to measure each benefit

  • Guidance on the uncertainty of forecasted improvements with:

    • Categorization
    • Likelihood of occurrence
    • Three scenarios
  • Assess the economic risk of no investment

  • Easy to do scenarios for a Business Case

  • Fast and easy sensitivity analysis

  • Clear, transparent and objective presentation of benefits

  • Quick generation of business cases in PowerPoint

  • Maintain cases in VALTICS database after employees leave company

  • Teams collaborate in the preparation of a business case


  • Assess how new ideas, projects and portfolios impact any area of the enterprise.

  • Quickly identify and quantify economic benefits (tangible and intangible).

  • Determine the economic risk of no investment, and the uncertainty of investments.

  • Justify new initiatives based on economic and strategic value creation.

  • Easily share strategic goals, and align initiatives to strategic goals.

  • Enhance communications and collaboration on enterprise value creation.

  • Improve organizational accountability.

  • Enhance performance management.

  • Compare initiatives using various criterion, to establish priorities.

  • Improve strategic planning with granular benefits’ strategic causation and enablement.